Research and Developement

Since our formation in the year 1982 (after the second oil crisis) we claim to be leaders in the field of combustion research and burner development. A fully equipped combustion laboratory with highly motivated personnel should ensure this leading role, also in the future. Besides test furnaces and experimental setups, we can benefit from more than 25 years of experience in using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) models. The research activities are documented by several national and international research projects with many partners from academia and industry. Members of WS published many research papers and reviews and many patents were granted. The most prominent example is flameless oxidation - FLOX® (registered trademark of WS W√§rmeprozesstechnik GmbH, Rennigen, Germany), which gained worldwide recognition. Besides combustion research, WS was pioneering the application of new ceramic components in the field of burner and radiant tube technology.

WS is an active member of FOGI (Research Association for Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment).