Green hydrogen: WS puts electrolyzer into operation

Electrolyzer enables CO₂-neutral burner development

With the help of a new electrolyser and surplus electricity from its own PV systems with a capacity of over 400 kWp, WS will supply the laboratories in Renningen with green hydrogen in future. Following the installation of the electrolyser at the end of 2023, the storage and pipeline infrastructure is now also fully operational.
View of the modular electrolyzer (Image source: WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH)

WS burners are Green Gas Ready for the energy transition

For many years, WS-Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH from Renningen has been developing and selling highly efficient industrial burners with the label Green-Gas Ready and is thus setting standards in the field of hydrogen combustion for industrial applications. Advances in the combustion of climate-neutral fuels from renewable energies are driving decarbonization and the achievement of climate neutrality in thermal process technology, which is required in a wide range of industries.

Commissioning of the hydrogen electrolyzer

An important step for the company has now been taken with the commissioning of the company's own hydrogen electrolyzer. With the help of the already installed photovoltaic systems with a total output of over 400 kWp, green hydrogen can now be produced when the sun is shining and then used on site in burner development. This means that a CO2 neutral test phase and testing of the hydrogen burners. This is a good signal for the environment, particularly in view of the steadily increasing use of corresponding products in industry and the resulting constant rise in the number of tests in burner development. Thanks to the local production of green hydrogen, the otherwise necessary road transportation of the renewable fuel is also eliminated.

Storage tanks for green hydrogen (Image source: WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH)

Temporary storage of surplus PV electricity

When the sun shines, the electrolyser modules fill an intermediate storage tank that can store enough hydrogen to supply the test operation for conventional industrial burners for an entire working day. In view of the increasing demand for hydrogen burners and the associated development and testing effort, a further increase in system pressure could even make it easy to multiply the storage options.


Expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Fast for the few or slow for everyone? WS is pursuing its own concept when it comes to expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In order to achieve a low-cost yet effective charging system on the factory premises, WS consistently relies on a low charging capacity.

Rekumat® S

Drastic CO2 reduction at Rexnord Kette GmbH

Rexnord Kette GmbH and WS have successfully modernized a belt furnace, reducing the furnace's CO2 emissions by 35%. In addition to new burners with maximum energy efficiency, the optimization of the operating mode also contributes to the CO2 reduction.


Minister President Kretschmann visits WS in Renningen

Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minsiter Winfried Kretschmann visits WS in Renningen to find out about activities in the field of hydrogen. In addition to the production of green hydrogen from biogas and decentralized ammonia cracking, the high-ranking visit also focuses on the highly efficient and low-emission industrial burners manufactured by WS.


Research field of thermal process technology

The new research field of thermal process technology is dedicated to the goal of defossilizing high-temperature processes above 1,000 °C. While some processes are flexible enough to be heated with renewable electricity, climate-neutral fuels will be necessary for many applications in the future.


REGEMAT® 250: Strong increase in sales figures

Continuous and recently even particularly strong increases in sales figures prove that the REGEMAT® 250 is the new gold standard for modern strip galvanizing lines. Customers are impressed by the lowest NOx values with maximum efficiency as well as its future viability thanks to its outstanding suitability for operation with hydrogen.


Start of 2024: Innovation & investment

The WS Group is looking forward to an exciting and successful year 2024. We are expecting the completion and commissioning of several pioneering investments. On the product side, our customers can also look forward to various innovations and further developments that will make a decisive contribution to their success in achieving true sustainability.