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Heat Treat Tomorrow • September 2021

Online panel discussion about future hydrogen combustion

Heat Treat Today
Leilac burners • 2018

WS will provide burners for the Leilac (Low Emissions Intensity Lime & Cement) pilot plant

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New Book release • October 2015

The second edition of the Handbook of Burner Technology for Industrial Furnaces" was released. The book can be purchased online.

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Lorain County Beatiful Award Finalist • September 2012

The new buidling of WS Inc. in Lorain was nominated for the Lorain County Beatiful Award. The winner among the six finalists in the category "new building, budget <$750,000 will be announced at the Lorain County Beautiful Awards Banquet Thursday, October 25, 2012.

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Interview • February 2012

An interview with Dr. J.G. Wünning, recipient of the German Environmental Award 2011, was published in the february issue of the magazin Heat Processing


German President Wulff presented awards • October 2011

The German President Christian Wulff presented the German Environmental Award (DBU) to Joachim A. Wünning and Joachim G. Wünning (President of WS Inc.)

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Research was and is funded in part by BMWi / PTJ, DBU, AiF, EU and others.
FLOX-Coal II Kick off • October 2011

The kick off meeting for the research project FLOX-Coal II took place at the University of Stuttgart, Germany on October 4th 2011. The goal of the project is to investigate the possibilities of using FLOX technology for coal fired utility boilers.

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German Environmental Award 2011

The 2011 German Environmental Award goes to Dr. Joachim A. Wünning and Dr. Joachim G. Wünning

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Grand Opening • April 2011

The Grand Opening of the new building for WS Inc. took place on April 30th 2011 in presence of the mayors of Lorain and Vermilion as well as the owners of WS in Germany.
Construction progress • August 2010

Ground breaking • March 2010

ground breaking for our new location in Lorain, Ohio

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New recuperative burner • October 2009

REKUMAT S WS presented a new self recuperative burner with gap flow heat exchanger technology. This burner will cut exhaust gas losses compared to conventional finned tube heat exchangers almost in half.

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WS GmbH inaugurates new building, August 2008

The two production halls (Dornierstr. 10 und 12) were connected by a roof. This roof enables protected loading and unloading of trucks and provides about 600m2 additional storage area.