Radiant tubes

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StrahlrohrThe performance of a heating system depends not only on the burner, but largely on the design of the radiant tube. According to the boundary conditions, metal or ceramic tubes in various sizes and shapes are used.

WS radiant tubes are available in different versions.

Ceramic radiant tubes

radiant tube

C 80
C 100
C 150
C 200

Ceramic inner tubes

Ceramic inner tubes were specialy developed by WS for use in ceramic and metal single ended radiant tubes. The inner tubes are availables in various length and for different outer tube diameters (pdf).

Metal radiant tubes

Metal radiant tubes (cast or wrought) are manufactured according to customers specifications. WS burners are designed for usage in recirculating radiant tubes (single ended-, P- and double-P-tube).

steel industry and heat treaters

  • carburizing and tempering furnaces
  • annealing furnaces
  • galvanizing lines
  • forging furnaces
  • tube furnaces

chemical industry

  • rotary kiln

ceramic industry

  • indirect heated furnaces