Green hydrogen and ammonia

Green hydrogen and NH3 for our development department

The expansion of the WS laboratory infrastructure enables advanced developments in the field of hydrogen utilization and ammonia splitting.
Source: Schick Technik GmbH, Vaihingen/Enz (

The supply system of our research and development department is currently being extensively expanded.

To enable even more extensive experiments with hydrogen, we are installing hydrogen storage tanks and an electrolyzer with which we can produce green hydrogen ourselves using electricity from our large-scale PV system.

In addition, a new supply infrastructure for ammonia (NH3) is also being created. As a carbon-free hydrogen carrier, NH3 is very well suited for imports of green energy from abroad and will thus potentially play a major role in European energy supply in the future. Ammonia can also play a major role as a storage medium in the future. In the future, NH3 will enable companies to store larger quantities of energy on site and call it up when needed. On the one hand, this serves the security of supply and, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to bridge phases of high energy prices. Products developed by the WS Group for the reconversion into hydrogen as well as the direct use of NH3 are already being tested today.

Overall, we are thus creating an image of a possible future supply infrastructure for our customers. Different available forms of energy are used flexibly to operate the flexible WS burners designed for this purpose. In this way, our customers can easily react to different supply situations and use time-variable prices to their advantage. Flexible burner technology that can also handle time-variable fuel mixtures reliably, efficiently, and with low emissions is elementary for this.


Green hydrogen from slurry and manure

Green hydrogen from slurry and manure: The biogas route offers great potential for regional value creation and security of supply. The commissioning and presentation of the pilot plant took place on 28.10.2022.



FlexHeat2Anneal is a funded research project investigating the flexible use of hydrogen as a fuel for continuous process lines and galvanizing lines.


Bio Gas to Hydrogen

Green hydrogen from bio gas with «FLOX® inside» is a key technology for successful ramp-up of the hydrogen economy.