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Burner Controls

WS Burner Control Boxes

The special feature of burner control systems from WS, in addition to extensive additional functions compared to standard devices, is their perfectly customer-specific design & preparation. Individual engineering, specific cabling and 100% function test before delivery are part of the WS standard that has proven itself for decades.

Due to generous warehousing, we are able to deliver quickly and can support our customers especially fast.



The second version of the burner control CBFF is a consistent improvement of the first and extremely successful burner control of which several tens of thousands have already been brought to market by WS.

With new additional functions, the CBFF-V2 creates real added value for the customer. The exchangeable load module and monitored valve outputs significantly improve maintenance and operation of the control system.

The CBFF-V2 can be equipped with modular bus modules (Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet) and carries certifications for all major markets. Furthermore, our patented additional functions such as FLOX® and Pre-FLOX® are exclusively integrated in the control box.


The CBR combines the control logic of WS regenerative burners with all necessary safety and monitoring functions, communication interfaces and adjustment options. 

Especially the integrated fail-safe thermocouple input makes the CBR the perfect burner control for your system with radiant tubes and individual FLOX® release. 


Radiant Tubes

WS radiant tubes made of SiSiC ceramic or metal provide high degree of temperature uniformity and simultaneously enable lowest NOx emissions



Perfect accessories suitable for your WS burner system: radiant tubes, controls, spare parts and valve trains.