WS Thermal Process Technology

The original with over 30 years of experience: Fire without flame.

The enormous potential of FLOX® was immediately apparent as soon as the effect was discovered. The disappearance of a visible flame and the typical noise associated with it, as well as the drastic reduction in NOx emissions during complete combustion.

Fire without flame - sounds paradoxical and is at the same time a groundbreaking discovery. This combustion principle, which finds a wide range of applications in numerous variants, especially in the steel industry and in burners for heat treatment, has unbeatable advantages. Unlike conventional burners, the sophisticated mixing of fuel gas, combustion air and recirculating exhaust gas in WS burners in FLOX® operation avoids peaks in combustion temperature. Thus, despite the application of high air preheating rates to significantly increase efficiency, the simultaneous increase in NOx emissions can be avoided. In addition, the homogeneous temperature distribution in the kiln ensures high-quality products as well as significantly reduced burner wear. All important factors for environmentally oriented thinking, economic action and the manufacture of high-quality products.

However, the potential of FLOX® technology is far from exhausted. In various national and international projects - partly supported by corresponding subsidies - the focus is on future fields of heat process and energy technology. For years, we have been focusing in particular on adapting our burners to the special requirements of green fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia or methanol. 

  • Optimal for high process temperatures (above 850 °C / above 1,550 F).
  • Drastic reduction of thermal NOx emissions.
  • Improved life of burner components due to reduced thermal wear.
  • Enables highest air preheat ratios.
  • No flame supervision in FLOX® mode necessary.

"FLOX®" = "FLameless OXidation": The registered trademark and patented technology of WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH. Potential NOx problems are finally defused and an energy-efficient and functionally reliable system operation for a sustainable
Productivity established.


Burner Controls

WS burner controls provide safe operation of your WS burner. Project specific configuration for seamless commissioning.


Green hydrogen and ammonia

The expansion of the WS laboratory infrastructure enables advanced developments in the field of hydrogen utilization and ammonia splitting.


Bio Gas to Hydrogen

Green hydrogen from bio gas with «FLOX® inside» is a key technology for successful ramp-up of the hydrogen economy.


Green hydrogen from slurry and manure

Green hydrogen from slurry and manure: The biogas route offers great potential for regional value creation and security of supply. The commissioning and presentation of the pilot plant took place on 28.10.2022.

Flame | FLOX® Video
Flame | FLOX®
Flame Mode FLOX Fashion

Temperature scale from 600 °C to 2.100 °C


Flame Mode

Temperature Flame Mode | Zoom: 10 x 10 mm

OH-Intensity flame mode | Zoom: 10 x 10 mm

FLOX® Mode

Temperature FLOX® Mode | Zoom: 10 x 10 mm

OH-Intensity FLOX® Mode | Zoom: 10 x 10