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To be well informed about our customers' needs and current developments in politic and society is key to our success. To incorporate all this information into our strategy makes it possible to secure the long-term success of our customers. 

Below we present news around WS, affiliated companies, as well as information concering our industry.

Focus 2022

On October 28, 2022, the consortium of BtX energy GmbH, e-flox GmbH and WS Reformer GmbH presented a pilot plant for the production of green hydrogen from biogas. In particular, liquid manure and other biogenic residues can be considered as feedstock for small-scale plants. 


Regional value creation and security of supply are just two aspects that make the project so interesting that it is being funded by the BMWi in the large-scale BioH2Ref research project.


Link to the topic page: Green hydrogen from slurry and manure

The supply system of our research and development department is currently being extensively expanded. After completion of the work, ammonia will also be available in addition to green hydrogen to enable advanced developments.


Link to the topic page: Green hydrogen and ammonia for the WS development department


Video discussion of the current and future situation of hydrogen use in processes for heat treatment.



The research project FlexHeat2Anneal receives public funding. Together with RWT Aachen and Thyssen, WS will investigate and test the use of hydrogen as a fuel in a continuous steel strip furnace.


More Information: FlexHeat2Anneal

The economic policy positions of the VDMA 2022 have been published. On page 21 in the PDF - (Download) 26 VDMA 2022 - you will find the positions on climate and energy.

Focus 2021

Biogas becomes hydrogen: Stefan Kaufmann focuses on future technologies.

Video discussion (English) on the future of hydrogen in heat treatment.


Link: Heat Treat Today

Focus 2020

Prof. Bonnet talks with Dr. Wünning about "Modern burner technologies for the heat treatment of steels".

Technical rule, part 2 - Thermal industry
Published: November 2020
Publisher: DVGW

Participation of WS in the 24h Hydrogen Rally, as part of the fuel cell event f-cell 2020.

Our participation shows possibilities to produce green hydrogen from biogas.




Green hydrogen from slurry and manure

Green hydrogen from slurry and manure: The biogas route offers great potential for regional value creation and security of supply. The commissioning and presentation of the pilot plant took place on 28.10.2022.



FlexHeat2Anneal is a funded research project investigating the flexible use of hydrogen as a fuel for continuous process lines and galvanizing lines.



WS Rekumat® FLOX® burners offer superior energy efficiency and low-emission heating for industrial furnaces.

Rekumat® C

Rekumat® C

Energy efficient, ceramic self-recuperative burner for radiant tubes and direct firing

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