WS regenerative burner for thyssenkrupp Steel plant FBA10

Regemat® 250 for FBA 10 at thyssenkrupp Steel

High-Efficiency and ultra-low-emission burner technology made by WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH will heat thyssenkrupp’s newest hot-dip galvanizing plant in Dortmund, Germany.
Source: thyssenkrupp Steel

In the presence of NRW’s prime minister Hendrik Wüst, thyssenkrupp Steel recently inaugurated its newest hot-dip galvanizing line 10 (FBA 10) in Dortmund, Germany. The new line sets a global benchmark in energy efficiency and low-emission heating. By using modern regenerative burners from WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH in double-P radiant tubes, the plant typically saves between 15% and 30% fuel as compared with conventionally heated furnaces. At the same time, particularly low NOx emission values are achieved, thanks to the patented FLOX® combustion process. Due to its high efficiency and the excellent temperature uniformity of the radiant tubes used, the heating system also creates a perfect basis for a later switch to green fuels such as hydrogen.

With a total of three vertical strip-processing lines, the thyssenkrupp plant in Dortmund is one of the world's most modern locations for the annealing and surface finishing of steel strip. Together, the three lines can process up to 2,000,000 metric tons of steel per year. WS already delivered nearly 800 modern gas burners to the Dortmund location, making it one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly sites worldwide. Regarding the regenerative burners used for FBA10, Dr. Clemens Trachternach, team leader of FBA 10, says: "It is the best technology available on the market, which we are installing in order to really future-proof the plant and still safely undercut the emission limits many, many years from now."

Crucial to meeting this goal is the decades of experience at WS with the multiple award-winning and patented FLOX® technology, which is already successfully in use in tens of thousands of burners worldwide. The FLOX® combustion technology allows highly efficient burners to be operated with particularly low NOx emission levels. "It is our ambition at WS, to provide solutions for all continuously operated strip lines which can reliably attain NOx emissions well below 100 mg/Nm³, with simultaneously high combustion efficiency over 80% and which are, already today, suited for a future with green combustion gases" says Dr.-Ing. Wünning, President of WS Wärmeprozesstechnik GmbH.


Expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Fast for the few or slow for everyone? WS is pursuing its own concept when it comes to expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In order to achieve a low-cost yet effective charging system on the factory premises, WS consistently relies on a low charging capacity.


Green hydrogen: WS puts electrolyzer into operation

With the help of a new electrolyser and surplus electricity from its own PV systems with a capacity of over 400 kWp, WS will supply the laboratories in Renningen with green hydrogen in future. Following the installation of the electrolyser at the end of 2023, the storage and pipeline infrastructure is now also fully operational.

Rekumat® S

Drastic CO2 reduction at Rexnord Kette GmbH

Rexnord Kette GmbH and WS have successfully modernized a belt furnace, reducing the furnace's CO2 emissions by 35%. In addition to new burners with maximum energy efficiency, the optimization of the operating mode also contributes to the CO2 reduction.


Minister President Kretschmann visits WS in Renningen

Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minsiter Winfried Kretschmann visits WS in Renningen to find out about activities in the field of hydrogen. In addition to the production of green hydrogen from biogas and decentralized ammonia cracking, the high-ranking visit also focuses on the highly efficient and low-emission industrial burners manufactured by WS.


Research field of thermal process technology

The new research field of thermal process technology is dedicated to the goal of defossilizing high-temperature processes above 1,000 °C. While some processes are flexible enough to be heated with renewable electricity, climate-neutral fuels will be necessary for many applications in the future.


REGEMAT® 250: Strong increase in sales figures

Continuous and recently even particularly strong increases in sales figures prove that the REGEMAT® 250 is the new gold standard for modern strip galvanizing lines. Customers are impressed by the lowest NOx values with maximum efficiency as well as its future viability thanks to its outstanding suitability for operation with hydrogen.