Repair & Conversion

Sustainability in action.

Dispose of old or damaged burners right away and rather sell a new product to maximize sales? Not at WS, because for us, sustainability is not just a buzzword. 

This is particularly evident in our repair department, which has been flourishing for years: Even the oldest models that arrive at our company are examined here with care, experience and expertise, and made fit again for the tough daily routine in thermoprocessing technology. Because even after decades of use, many of our quality parts are often still usable. This protects the environment and saves costs for our customers. True to the motto: don't waste, reuse!

In addition to repair work, we naturally also carry out adaptations to changed circumstances. Such as additional safety requirements or gas conversions. Because here, too, it doesn't always have to be a new product to meet all requirements. 


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New shine for old treasures.


Conversions and adjustments

Conversion instead of new construction? Makes sense in many cases!