Green Gas Ready

Leading in Green Technology.

WS Wärmeprozesstechnik is »Green Gas Ready!«

Green gases such as renewably generated hydrogen, are combustion fuels with a future in thermal process technology.

Patented WS burner technology is prepared for the future of green fuels. Hydrogen and time varying
gas mixtures are in the focus of our diverse developments.

In close cooperation with our customers, we provide solutions already taking into account fuels of the future. Thus, we assure that the heating system meets the long term demands as well as coming emissions limits. 

Thanks to our technology you can heat your furnace climate neutral: with green gas from the pipeline or by local generation from biogas or green electricity. Full flexibility in all energy scenarios.

We are happy to provide specialized and individual consultation based upon decades of experience and innovation.


Thermprocess 2023

Highly efficient, flexible and with the lowest emissions in the industry. These are the burner products that WS will present to the trade public at Thermprocess 2023.

Once again, WS sets the tone when it comes to modern gas heating: fuel-flexible, efficient and low-emission across the entire product range.


Green hydrogen from slurry and manure

Green hydrogen from slurry and manure: The biogas route offers great potential for regional value creation and security of supply. The commissioning and presentation of the pilot plant took place on 28.10.2022.