WS Group

Focused on the Energy Revolution.

Over the years a group of companies was founded to complement WS while using its core technologies in different markets and applications. All companies strive to support our goal of protecting the environment by efficient use of energy, the reduction of emissions, and by actively participating in the energy revolution. 

Affiliated Companies
BtX energy GmbH

Founded in 2019, BtX energy GmbH offers holistic know-how in the sector of the efficient use of energy from biomass.

One of the core competences is planning complex plants to produce green hydrogen from biogas. In addition, the design and engineering of innovative plants for the gasification of wood is part of the young company's portfolio.

BtX energy GmbH stands for clean, efficient, and sustainable solutions for the energy revolution. A special focus is on decentralized solutions with significant added value to local communities.

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e-flox GmbH

Using the vast potential of the patented FLOX® technology in the energy sector has been the founding goal of e-flox GmbH.

Typical applications today are in emission mitigation by combustion of low calorific value gases and other waste gas treatment including heat recovery options. Design and manufacturing of turnkey containerized plants for the production of green hydrogen from biogas is also part of the e-flox scope today.

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REKUMAT Heat Process Technology ČR spol. s.r.o.

The WS subsidiary REKUMAT Wärmeprozesstechnik has been providing our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with well-founded technical sales for many years and serves as a service location for plants at home and abroad. 


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Annealing, sintering, soldering, hardening under inert gas. ROLLMOD specializes in intelligent high-temperature transport systems.

Due to the gastight and modular design ROLLMOD systems achieve superior reliability, availability, and process-efficiency.

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TPC GmbH combines specialized skills, certifications, and decades of experience in the fabrication of heat resistent welding constructions, e.g. using high nickel alloy components.

An extensive stock of high quality steel grades along with the constantly growing pool of special machinery make TPC GmbH a valued partner of many furnace builders and end users.

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WS Reformer GmbH

WS Reformer GmnbH is looking back on more than 20 years of experience in the reformation of hydrocarbons. Today, the main focus is on reforming biogas and other renewable/waste gases to produce green hydrogen. In addition, the patented WS Reformer technology is perfectly suited to crack green ammonia (NH3), thus enabling decentralized production of green hydrogen as an important contribution to the energy revolution.

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WS Thermal Process Technology Inc.

Our U.S. subsidiary, WS Thermal Process Technology Inc. supports our vast customer base in North America. Since its foundation in 1997 WS Inc. provides technical service, spare parts and project engineering.