FLOX® burner REKUMAT®:
The original.

Long before the broad market recognized the enormous potential that lies in the efficient heating of industrial furnaces, WS developed the efficient recuperative burner REKUMAT® with integrated air preheating. 

Since then, the REKUMAT® has been sold more than 100,000 times and has been continuously further developed. Decades of experience coupled with the WS inventive spirit and numerous patents make the Rekumat® the world's most successful recuperative burner. 

Design variants are available in terms of burner capacity, the materials used, and the combustion technology employed. FLOX® technology ensures the lowest NOx emissions and outstanding service lives. 

The WS principle of offering the burners mainly as complete units with control system and valve sections, which have been extensively tested at the factory, has been proven to simplify commissioning and thus ensure a maximally efficient process for furnace builders and end customers.

Application Examples

Steel industry and heat treatment

  • Carburizing and tempering furnaces
  • Annealing lines
  • Strip galvanizing
  • Electric strip lines
  • Forging furnaces
  • Pipe annealing furnaces

Chemical Industry

  • Rotary drum furnaces
  • Special applications

Ceramic Industry

  • Indirectly heated kilns
  • specific zones in tunnel kilns
Rekumat® S


Thanks to patented gap-flow technology, REKUMAT® S NT burners achieve the highest energy efficiency with the lowest emissions even at low furnace chamber temperatures below 600 °C.

Rekumat® S

Drastic CO2 reduction at Rexnord Kette GmbH

Rexnord Kette GmbH and WS have successfully modernized a belt furnace, reducing the furnace's CO2 emissions by 35%. In addition to new burners with maximum energy efficiency, the optimization of the operating mode also contributes to the CO2 reduction.

Rekumat® CS


Energy-efficient ceramic recuperative burner for indirect and direct heating applications. Revolutionary gap-flow technology for highest possible efficiency, even at very high operating temperatures.

Rekumat® CR


The patented REKUMAT® CR burners allow for the first time the substoichiometric operation of a recuperative burner due to the integrated afterburner. Highest efficiency and lowest NOx emissions thanks to FLOX® technology.

Rekmuat® function in video