FLOX® burner REGEMAT® 350

Regemat® 350 | Description

The FLOX® burner REGEMAT® 350 is a self-contained functional unit and eliminates the need for operation in burner pairs, which is otherwise common with regenerator burners. All switching mechanisms are already integrated in the compact unit so that each burner can operate autonomously.

With an operating range at temperatures typically up to 1,250 °C, the REGEMAT® 350 is perfectly suited for direct heating of high-temperature processes, such as forging furnaces. 

Due to the extremely high air preheating, the burner achieves maximum energy efficiency with unbeatably low NOx emissions thanks to "FLOX® inside". And of course this burner is also already "Green Gas Ready".



Input Rating

Rated power 200 kW FLOX® + 200 kW Boost

Fuel Gas
Natural gas (standard): natural gas H, natural gas L, methane
Other gases (optional): hydrogen, propane, butane and other dust-free, non-aggressive gases

Supply Pressures

Fuel gas: approx. 6000 Pa (60 mbar), ± 5%
Combustion air: approx. 10,000 Pa (100 mbar), ± 5%
Suction pressure: approx. -8000 Pa (-80 mbar), ± 5%
Compressed air 6 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature

Exhaust gas inlet max. 1,250 °C

Flame Supervision

Ionization or UV monitoring

Combustion Mode


Control Method


Customized solutions are available upon request.

REGEMAT® Burner Systems


The REGEMAT® 250: An extremely energy-efficient regenerative burner for radiant tubes and direct heating. Ready for operation with green hydrogen at lowest NOx emissions.



REGEMAT® burners achieve maximum energy efficiency for your industrial furnace. Thanks to FLOX® technology, extremely low-emission operation is also possible.


Thermprocess 2023

Highly efficient, flexible and with the lowest emissions in the industry. These are the burner products that WS will present to the trade public at Thermprocess 2023.

Once again, WS sets the tone when it comes to modern gas heating: fuel-flexible, efficient and low-emission across the entire product range.


Start of 2024: Innovation & investment

The WS Group is looking forward to an exciting and successful year 2024. We are expecting the completion and commissioning of several pioneering investments. On the product side, our customers can also look forward to various innovations and further developments that will make a decisive contribution to their success in achieving true sustainability.