FLOX® burner LUVOMAT®:
Low-NOx with pre-heated air.

The LUVOMAT® can also be used if externally preheated air is already available but the FLOX® combustion process is still to be used. This can be the case, for example, if the furnace atmosphere does not permit operation of recuperator or regenerative burners, such as in substoichiometric operation or dusty and aggressive furnace atmospheres.

So far, LUVOMAT® burners have been realized up to a thermal output of about 1 MW, but higher outputs are possible in principle.

The requirements for LUVOMAT® burners are very different due to often externally specified boundary conditions. A detailed burner design is therefore always carried out in close coordination with the customer.


Application Examples

Steel Industry

  • Stainless steel annealing
  • Pickling and annealing lines for stainless steel
  • Forging furnaces
  • Pre-heat furnaces
  • Pipe annealing furnaces
  • Direct fired furnaces in continuous process lines (DFF)

Chemical Industry

  • Reforming furnaces
  • Crackers

Ceramic Industry

  • Burn-in furnaces
  • Tunnel kilns
Rekumat® S

Drastic CO2 reduction at Rexnord Kette GmbH

Rexnord Kette GmbH and WS have successfully modernized a belt furnace, reducing the furnace's CO2 emissions by 35%. In addition to new burners with maximum energy efficiency, the optimization of the operating mode also contributes to the CO2 reduction.


REGEMAT® 250: Strong increase in sales figures

Continuous and recently even particularly strong increases in sales figures prove that the REGEMAT® 250 is the new gold standard for modern strip galvanizing lines. Customers are impressed by the lowest NOx values with maximum efficiency as well as its future viability thanks to its outstanding suitability for operation with hydrogen.

Rekumat® S


Thanks to patented gap-flow technology, REKUMAT® S NT burners achieve the highest energy efficiency with the lowest emissions even at low furnace chamber temperatures below 600 °C.

Rekumat® CR


The patented REKUMAT® CR burners allow for the first time the substoichiometric operation of a recuperative burner due to the integrated afterburner. Highest efficiency and lowest NOx emissions thanks to FLOX® technology.