Bio Gas to Hydrogen

Green hydrogen - decentralized.

Green hydrogen from bio gas with «FLOX® inside» is a key technology for successful ramp-up of the hydrogen economy.

20 years after the passing of the 1st EEG, the critical phase is now beginning in which a large number of biogas plants are threatened with shutdown due to inefficiency after their statutory compensation period has expired. Depending on the substrate fed, biogas plants can not only produce CO2-neutral (base-load capable) energy, but by using agricultural waste (slurry, etc.) also CH4-emissions. With the impending shutdown, up to 17 % of current energy generation from renewable sources in Germany would be threatened.

A promising alternative is the production of hydrogen from biogas by steam reforming. The hydrogen sulfide contained in the biogas is separated in a process that depends on the existing plant design (usually only additional deep desulfurization using activated carbon). Subsequently, the methane in the upgraded mixture is reformed to hydrogen by means of nickel-catalyzed steam reforming. Pressure swing adsorption is then used to remove the CO, CH4 and CO2 secluded. 

Steam reforming of biogas to hydrogen is an immediately available and economical alternative to the production of hydrogen by electrolysis. The technology is space-saving and available in modular container units. 


Our partners in the field of biogas reforming


Thermprocess 2023

Highly efficient, flexible and with the lowest emissions in the industry. These are the burner products that WS will present to the trade public at Thermprocess 2023.

Once again, WS sets the tone when it comes to modern gas heating: fuel-flexible, efficient and low-emission across the entire product range.


Green hydrogen from slurry and manure

Green hydrogen from slurry and manure: The biogas route offers great potential for regional value creation and security of supply. The commissioning and presentation of the pilot plant took place on 28.10.2022.